The Purpose of this Blog, or "Spiritual Gobstoppers"

With all the thousands of good (and not-so-good) blogs on the web these days, why would anyone want to start a new one? There really is no good reason to start a blog or publish a magazine or write a book. That is, unless one feels that certain readers may not be finding something for which they are looking, or that one might have something really helpful or useful to say. So, what is it that I think some readers may be looking for and not finding? What helpful things might I have to say?

I was talking with my lovely wife one evening about starting this blog, and her response to my ideas about the kinds of posts I would make was unwittingly insightful: “Sounds like the kind of blog I would read – short.” If you want depth and breadth of thought on theological, cultural and political issues, you can hardly do better than to make daily stops at blogs like Justin Taylor’s Between Two Worlds, or Joe Carter’s Evangelical Outpost, both of which I read almost daily. If you want powerful, erudite, substantive theological articles that will help to sculpt your mind and heart, you absolutely cannot do better than John Hendryx’s But what are missing from the blogosphere, I think, are ‘spiritual Gobstoppers.’

Gobstoppers, you will recall, are Willy Wonka’s famous candies that last all day and never lose their flavor. My intention, on this blog, is to offer short, simple, pithy meditations that readers might take in early in the day and mull over all throughout their day (in the mold, somewhat, of Charles Spurgeon’s classic devotional, Morning and Evening). It is in no way meant to be a substitute for the ‘meat’ of Bible reading and meditation, or the ‘potatoes’ of reading of good, substantive theological and devotional books, or even the ‘veggies’ of daily reading of good magazines and blogs and other edifying and informative materials – if you only ate Gobstoppers, of course, you’d get sick and your teeth would fall out. Rather, this will be a place where you can pop in a ‘spiritual Gobstopper’ and turn it over in your heart and mind all throughout the day. These Gobstoppers won’t rot your teeth, but will cause you to love God and treasure Christ more and more. That’s my hope, anyway. Enjoy.


One thought on “The Purpose of this Blog, or "Spiritual Gobstoppers"”

  1. Hey Bryan … I tried calling you, but your phone was disconnected. I heard you guys moved to Grayslake. My email is to get my number. I’m not going to post it on the blog, nor go on and on here since this isn’t email, but a blog. I’ll leave you with some of my blog addresses, though … the first one is not a joke … the second one … well, just look and see:) … I found your blog on finkibus:

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