The Dark Plot

Does it surprise you in the least that you often find it difficult and arduous work to read and meditate on the Scriptures each day?

Christian authors, preachers and evangelists past and present have told us that this daily discipline ought to be our joy and delight; something we look forward to in the morning, for it is our daily bread, providing the very sustenance that will carry the Christian through his day. But because this is true, I ask again, does it surprise you in the least that many of us often find that our experience is somewhat more difficult? Christian, you are in a battle for your life and there is a dark plot unfolding against you.

In any battle, the most important things to take or defend (depending on your side) are the bridges. You have a few bridges across which you may flee for safety, resupply, food, encourgement, and soul-medicine, and it is the Enemy’s dark plot to take each of them from you. He is very determined. He will even try to use good things such as your work, your hobbies, your family, your spouse, even your own body (tiredness is one of his deadliest weapons against me!) to try to take your bridges.

Joy and delight, life and happiness are to be found in your daily devotional times, friend, but they may not always be won easily. The Enemy’s time is short and his kingdom is being taken from him, so he will rage against us. Nevertheless, fight! Fight! Do not concede! Victory is sweet and your captain is the King of King and Lord of Lords.


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