The Father’s Pleasure in the Son

Those of you who know me well knew that it wouldn’t be long before something from John Piper showed up here. These paragraphs cause my heart to sing every time I read them. From The Pleasures of God:

“I wonder if there was a faint resemblance of the creative camaraderie between the Father and the Son when Joseph and Jesus worked together in the carpenter’s shop in Nazareth. I picture Jesus about fifteen years old, humming as he worked. The plank is cut with masterful strokes, carved with three small posts protruding in their appointed places, and then fitted perfectly into the joining board to make a solid bench. Jesus smiles as he smacks the wood with pleasure. All the while Joseph has been standing at the door watching the hand of his son. He sees the image of his own workmanship and his own life. The skill of the son is the evidence of the father’s skill. The humming of the son is the endorsement of the father’s joy. And when they put their energy together to lift a finished table for the synagogue, their eyes meet with a flash of delight that says, ‘You are a treasure to me, and I love you with all my heart.’

…Perhaps we may be allowed to see in this a faint echo of the shout of joy the Father had in the Son when together they created the universe out of nothing. Imagine the look they gave each other when a million galaxies stood forth at their command.”


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