The Bottomless Cup

From J.C. Ryle’s, A Call to Prayer:

“We live in a world where sorrow abounds. This has always been the state since sin came in. There cannot be sin without sorrow. And until sin is driven out from the world, it is vain for any one to suppose they can escape sorrow. Some without doubt have a larger cup of sorrow to drink than others. But few are to be found who live long without sorrows or cares of one sort or another. Our bodies, our property, our families, our children, our relations, our servants, our friends, our neighbors, our worldly callings, each and all of these are fountains of care. Sickness, deaths, losses, disappointments, partings, separations, ingratitude, slander, all these are common things. We cannot get through life without them. Some day or other they find us out. The greater are our affections the deeper are our afflictions, and the more we love the more we have to weep. And what is the best means of cheerfulness in such a world as this? How shall we get through this valley of tears with the least pain? I know no better means than the habit of taking everything to God in prayer.”

It is particularly difficult for those of us (myself most definitely included) who tend to be independent, self-motivated and strong-headed to pray. Prayer uncovers our weaknesses. Prayer lays bare our utter dependency on Another. Prayer asserts, “My life and work are not my own!” Let go, friend. Prayer is the ultimate means by which God may be glorified as the great provider of every need, and we may be satisfied as we drink deep of the bottomless cup of divine joy, comfort and peace. Let go, friend. Call on Him before you leave this page.


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