Our Beloved Is Infinitely Happy in Himself!

This third meditation from Scougal (see Tuesday’s post) follows on the heels of yesterday’s in The Life of God in the Soul of Man, which implored us to place our love above all on Him who can never be absent from us. Today’s meditation explains why:

“But if God were the object of our love, we should share it in infinite happiness without any mixture or possibility of diminution. We would rejoice to behold the glory of God, and receive comfort and pleasure from all the praises wherewith men and angels do extol him. It should delight us beyond all expression, to consider that the beloved of our souls is infinitely happy in Himself, and that all his enemies cannot shake or unsettle his throne. That, ‘Our God is in the heavens, and doth whatsoever he pleaseth.’ Behold on what sure foundation his happiness is built whose soul is possessed with divine love, whose will is transformed into the will of God, and whose greatest desire is that his Maker should be pleased! Oh the peace, the rest, the satisfaction that attendeth such a temper of mind!”


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