The Choices of My Father’s Love

Do you ever find it difficult to trust that what God has revealed as his will for your life and conduct are really what will make you most happy? A confession: I am haunted, from time to time, by the notion that if I were to cast off these ‘bonds’ of obedience to Him and to His Word, that perhaps I might find a bit more freedom; a bit more satisfaction; a bit more joy. My sinful heart wonders, “What experiences do I miss out on because of my faith?! Surely, just a taste of the apple would do no harm!” Does this resonate with you? I have found the following paragraph strengthening in such times. From Dying Thoughts, by John Baxter:

“…That which my heavenly Father’s love designs and chooses for my good is better for me. I hope I shall never dare to say or think that He is mistaken, or that I could have chosen better for myself. Many a time hath the wise and good will of God crossed my foolish, rebellious will, and afterwards I have perceived it was best. It is not an enemy nor a tyrant that made me, preserves me, or calls me hence. The more I have tried Him, the better I have found Him. Had I better obeyed his ruling will, how happy [would I have] been! …Oh foolish, sinful soul, is it not far better to be at God’s choice than my own, or any man’s?”


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