The Fearlessness of Those Who Dwell With Christ

A second excerpt from “The Dream of the Rood,” in which the cross of Christ remembers what followed the Lord’s death upon it. What a hope we have, who wear Christ’s righteousness as a garment!

“Now you might understand, my beloved man, that I had endured the work of evildoers, grievous sorrows…. Of old I became the hardest of torments, most loathed by men…. He tasted death there; yet the Lord arose again to help mankind in his great might. Then he climbed into the heavens. He will come again hither on this earth to seek mankind on Doomsday, the Lord himself, Almighty God, and his angels with him, for then he will judge, he who has power to judge, each one just as in this brief life he has deserved. Nor may any one be unafraid of the word the Ruler will speak. Before his host he will ask where the man is who in the name of the Lord would taste bitter death as he did on the Cross. But then they will be afraid, and will think of little to begin to say to Christ. But there need none be afraid who bears on his breast the best of tokens, but through the Cross shall the kingdom be sought by each soul on this earthly journey that thinks to dwell with the Lord.”


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