Fetched from this Short Life

A final excerpt from “The Dream of the Rood,” in which the dreamer (not the rood itself) looks joyfully and expectantly towards his meeting of the Warrior-Savior who climbed the cross for him.

“…Every day I look forward to when the Lord’s Cross that I beheld here on earth will fetch me from this short life and bring me then where joy is great, delight in the heavens, where the Lord’s folk are seated at the feast, where bliss is eternal. And then may it place me where thenceforth I may dwell in glory, fully enjoy bliss with the saints. May the Lord be my friend, who once here on earth suffered the gallows-tree for man’s sins: he freed us and granted us life, a heavenly home. Hope was renewed, with joys and with bliss, to those who endured fire. The Son was victorious in that foray, mighty and successful. Then he came with his multitude, a host of spirits, into God’s kingdom, the Almighty Ruler; and the angels and all the saints who dwelt then in glory rejoiced when their Ruler, Almighty God, came where his home was.”


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