Eternal Glory Thou Shalt Win!

Some Monday morning encouragement to fight the good fight and finish the race, from John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress, concerning his protagonist, “Christian,” who watches as another fights his way against all trouble and obstacles to enter the “stately palace”:

“I saw also that the Interpreter took [Christian] again by the hand, and led him into a pleasant place where was builded a stately palace, beautiful to behold; at the sight of which, Christian was greatly delighted; he saw also upon the top thereof certain persons walked who were clothed all in gold. Then said Christian, ‘May we go in thither?’ …He saw also that in the doorway stood many men in armour to keep it, being resolved to do to the man that would enter what hurt and mischief they could.

…At last, when every man started back for fear of the armed men, Christian saw a man of a very stout countenance…draw his sword, and put a helmet upon his head, and rush toward the door upon the armed men, who laid upon him with deathly force; but the man, not at all discouraged, fell to cutting and hacking most fiercely; so after he had received and given many wounds to those that attempted to keep him out, he cut his way through them all, and pressed forward into the palace; at which there was a pleasant voice heard from those that were within…saying,

Come in! Come in! Eternal glory thou shalt win!

So he went in, and was clothed with such garments as they.”

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