A Divine Cordial

One of the books I enjoy picking up on Sunday afternoons (especially out of football season), is the 17th century Puritan Thomas Watson’s, A Divine Cordial, which, in its popular paperback form in the “Puritan Paperbacks” series, has been renamed, All Things For Good. It is an appropriate title given that it is, in essence, nothing more than an extended meditation on Romans 8:28: “We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.” I love the book for its sturdy encouragement, as well as its radical realism. Here is an excerpt to prop up the hearts of any of you who feel troubled:

“Are we in great trouble? There is a promise working for our good: ‘I will be with him in trouble’ (Psalm xci. 15). God does not bring His people into troubles and leave them there. He will stand by them; He will hold their heads and hearts when they are fainting. And there is another promise: ‘He is their strength in the time of trouble’ (Psalm xxxvii. 39). ‘Oh,’ says the soul, ‘I shall faint in the day of trial.’ But God will be the strength of our hearts; He will join His forces with us. Either He will make His hand lighter, or our faith stronger. Do we fear outward [needs]? There is a promise. ‘They that seek the Lord shall not [lack] any good thing’ (Psalm xxxiv. 10). If it is good for us, we shall have it; if it is not good for us, then the withholding of it is good.


One thought on “A Divine Cordial”

  1. i am not troubled today but I have been. i think i may be too tired to be troubled. in past times of troubleness (is that a word?) the promises from Scripture are always helpful. sometimes,however, i read them and know them and they are not helpful. i read them and say “yes, yes i know but how does that help me NOW?” sometimes my faith is weak and my thoughts of God too small.
    i also find encouragement from knowing that Jesus was also troubled and often he would go off by himself and discuss it with the Father. i don’t discuss my troubles with the Father as often as i ought.
    even though i am not troubled now, this post has been a reminder to me that when i do face trouble i can find hope in the promises of Scripture. thanks chief. keep up the blogging even if i am the only one who comments.

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