Reflections on Wears Valley: The Stories

Leslie and I just returned from a week spent on a service trip with our youth group in Wears Valley, TN, at Wears Valley Ranch, a remarkable Christian children’s home and school for children who have come from crisis family situations. It is a place where grace and love reign and is lead by an incredible man named Jim Wood, who’s nearly life-long calling, together with his wife, has been to help kids who have been physically, sexually, emotionally and psychologically victimized – mainly by their own parents. The stories of Wears Valley are absolutely incredible.

Read the story of how Wears Valley came to be, A Story of Two Boys.

Throughout the week, I’d like to share a few of my reflections on Wears Valley, as well as some of the things that happened there last week.


2 thoughts on “Reflections on Wears Valley: The Stories”

  1. Unfortunately, I did not bring home a puppy, but there is an outstanding yellow lab at the Ranch who will be having puppies in July, and I’m thinking seriously about revolting against the anti-puppy policies in our home.

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