Things I’ve Learned From My Dog

As the end of the semester chaos begins and as Caribou needs more and more time with his family, my blogging is going to have to take a back seat until things slow down a bit. But, as an excuse to get a few more pictures of him on my blog, I thought I would share a few things I’ve learned from ‘Bou so far:

First, in any social situation, if all else fails, just find the most comfortable place in the room, and go to sleep. You’ll get made fun of, and people will probably take pictures of you, but who cares? What’s better than a nap? Here is ‘Bou to demonstrate this invaluable technique:

Second, on Easter Sunday Caribou jumped up on me and ripped one of only two pairs of dress pants that I own. The next day he ripped my last remaining not-pitted-out Trinity t-shirt. Both times I really wanted to yell at him, but then I realized that I had not encouraged him not to do that, and to play with his toys instead. In fact, I had encouraged him to do it by the way I had been rough-housing with him. I need to try to remember this one when we have kids: Consistent discipline paired with positive encouragement.

Third, Caribou has taught me that clothes, as much as we might value them, are temporary anyway. They’re either going to get holes now or later. After he ripped my shirt, I started singing: “Let goods and kindred go, this mortal life also – Let Jesus Christ be praised! Be this while life is mine, my canticle divine – Let Jesus Christ be praised!” I never realized that having a shirt wrecked could be so worshipful.

Thanks, ‘Bou.


15 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned From My Dog”

  1. Vince, I actuall have a body double for butt shots. Still, my backside is about the only part of my body that is not hairy. Too much info, maybe. Hmm.

  2. at first i thought pomonkey was going to say something different.

    that’s not too much information bryan…but i will need to see some proof.

  3. Sorry about the pants.
    Words of wisdom; Dont rough house in your, now, one pair of good pants,only rough house in grubs.

    Continue rough housing,Bo enjoys it and you will too.He is just a pup and will take a while to learn but he will. Remember, jedi ate a full couch and a chair before he learned.

  4. Thanks for the comment, Dad. Vince, now my dad reads my blog. I’m as jealous of you and your dad now. But now I have to write some more posts. Dangit.

  5. Less dog, more blog!

    Or more blog about the dog.

    Unless you are living your life by priorities, which places blogging lower on the list, then I look to you as an example.

    But something would be nice. If you are fresh out of new stuff, here’s some easy ideas:

    Link us to a good article off of

    Tell us the most helpful ‘Yak Shaving Razor’ tip you have seen.

    Steal a monkey picture off of Ginger’s website.

    Post some of your footnotes to a paper you have done this past semester. Then we can guess what the paper was about.


  6. I agree with wince. Is it the pressure of knowing parents are reading your blog? Maybe you are just very busy with academic responsibilities? Or is Caribou just taking a lot of your time? Seriously, hope all is well. Come back soon.

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