A Monday Morning Encouragement to My Pastor Friends

From Baxter’s The Reformed Pastor:

O brethren, watch therefore over your own hearts: keep out lusts and passions, and worldly inclinations; keep up the life of faith, and love, and seal: be much at home, and be much with God. If it be not your daily business to study your own hearts, and to subdue corruption, and to walk with God – if you make not this a work to which you constantly attend, all will go wrong, and you will starve your hearers; or, if you have an affected fervency, you cannot expect a blessing to attend it from on high. Above all, be much in secret prayer and meditation. Thence you must fetch the heavenly fire that must kindle your sacrifices: remember, you cannot decline and neglect your duty to your own hurt alone; many will be losers by it as well as you. For your people’s sakes, therefore, look to your hearts.

Good morning, brothers.


2 thoughts on “A Monday Morning Encouragement to My Pastor Friends”

  1. I’ve been listening to Baxter – not really Baxter but someone reading Baxter. I have been encouraged/challenged as I listen. There aren’t many books like that book.

    thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Yeah, I listen in my car and then highlight the book at stoplights and in stop-and-go traffic. Eventually I’ll almost certainly crash into someone, but it will be worth it.

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