Particular Directions for Mortification I

Consider Whether Your Particular Sin Has
These Dangerous Symptoms Accompanying It

Part 2 of 10 of “On the Mortification of Sin in Believers

a. Inveterateness. If the particular sin has for a long time been corrupting your heart, and if you have allowed it to abide in power without attempting vigorously to kill it, then your condition is dangerous.

b. If you have an unspoken desire to justify somehow or to give approval to a sin that your heart desires, making peace with the sin rather than making a vigorous effort at its mortification, this is another dangerous symptom.

c. If you regularly attempt to apply comfort and mercy to your troubled conscience when you have not dealt honestly and vigorously with your sin, this is another sign of a heart greatly entangled with the love of sin.

d. If a sin is frequently successful in securing the consent of your will to do it, even if it is not actually always carried out, this is another dangerous symptom that demonstrates we have not mortified the root of the sin.

e. If the primary means you use to defeat your sin is contemplating the shame and disgrace that the sin might bring upon you from your peers, this is another sign that the sin has taken great possession of your will, because if it could be assured that the sin would be kept secret, we might just as well continue in it.

f. When a particular sin has already withstood genuine, Christ-centered attempts at its mortification, then this is a sign that the sin is deeply entrenched and is in need of particular, concentrated and intense attention.


3 thoughts on “Particular Directions for Mortification I”

  1. On a serious note thanks for sharing this. I downloaded the book and I intend on giving it a serious read once I clear a few books off my current reading list. Thanks.

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