Particular Directons for Mortification VI

Rise Mightily Against the First Actings and Conceptions of Your Sin
Part 7 of 10 of “On the Mortification of Sin in Believers”

Do not allow it to get the least ground! Do not say, “Thus far it shall go, and no farther.” If it is given allowance for one step, it will take another. It is impossible to fix bounds to sin. It is like water in a channel—if it breaks out, it will simply have its way.

Rise up with all your strength against it, with no less indignation than if it had fully accomplished what it aims at. Consider what an unclean thought wants from you: it wants you to roll yourself in folly and filth. Ask envy what it would have—murder and destruction is at the end of it. Set yourself against it with no less vigor than if it had utterly debased you to wickedness. Without this course you will not prevail.

(Sorry for the delay everyone [Steve]! I’ve had a busy week!)


One thought on “Particular Directons for Mortification VI”

  1. The great theologian Barney Fife put it this way – “Nip it in the bud!” Hard to do, but well worth the effort.

    By the way, you haven’t seen busy yet. Wait until your firstborn arrives 🙂

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