Particular Directions for Mortification VII

Use and Exercise Yourself to Such Meditations as May Serve to Fill You at All Times with Self-Abasement and Thoughts of Your Own Vileness
Part 8 of 10 of “On the Mortification of Sin in Believers”

“Be much in thoughtfulness of the excellency of the majesty of God and your infinite, inconceivable distance from him. Many thoughts of it cannot but fill you with a sense of your own vileness, which strikes deep at the root of any indwelling sin.

“Think greatly of the greatness of God. Consider, then, I say, to keep your heart in continual awe of the majesty of God. Consider that people of the most high an eminent spiritual progress, and of the nearest and most intimate communion with God, do yet in this life know but a very little of him and his glory. Notwithstanding all our confidence of high attainments, all our notions of God are but childish in relation to his infinite perfections. We lisp and babble, and say we know not what, for the most part, in our most accurate (so we think) conceptions and notions of God. We may love, honor, believe, and obey our Father; and therewith he accepts our childish thoughts, for they are but childish. We see but his ‘trailing edge’; we know but little of him. This is why we are so often supported and comforted in our distress with the promise: ‘Then we shall see him as he is’; ‘we shall see him face to face’; ‘know him as we are known.’


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