"What is Relevant?"

I was asked to preach on the topic of what it means to relevant, and what it means to be “connected to the times” last Sunday. I touched on a number of different issues, including the emerging church movement, before eventually settling in on Jude 3, and urging the congregation to “contend for the faith once for all delivered to all the saints.” The emphasis of the sermon was that we cannot sell out the “faith once delivered” in an attempt to be relevant or “connected to the times” or fashionable or pragmatic.

The sermon audio is here.


One thought on “"What is Relevant?"”

  1. I’m growing to think that intelligible may be a better word to use as opposed to missional/relevant, etc. I mean, let’s say a friend has a tatoo, earings, and drinks dark beer. Will the gospel message I speak and live be more relevant to him if I drink the same beer, get a tatoo, and wear earrings, or will it be more relevant (intelligible) if I live it as well as I can by God’s grace and speak it as clearly as I can by God’s grace. What do you think?

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