Owen, Spurgeon, and Dad

More pictures of Owen and friends are now posted here.

Owen likes to sleep a lot. I like to hang out with him a lot. So, he and I have worked out a compromise where I get to hold him as much as I want, and he gets to sleep as much as he wants, and while he sleeps I get to read.

Owen is named after a great pastor, and while he and mom are sleeping I’ve been reading about another great pastor in Iain Murray’s book, The Forgotten Spurgeon. I prayed for Owen, today, a prayer along the lines of that which Charles Spurgeon prayed for the congregation:

“If there were only one prayer which I might pray before I died, it should be this: ‘Lord, send thy Church men filled with the Holy Spirit and with fire.’ Give to any denomination such men, and its progress must be mighty; keep back such men, send them college gentlemen, of great refinement and profound learning, but of little fire and grace, dumb dogs which cannot bark, and straightaway that denomination must decline” (36).

Owen, I pray for myself and for you, that we would be men filled with the Holy Spirit and with fire. I pray that, as Spurgeon was, we would be men of great learning, but that we would not rest on our learning as an end in itself. Rather, that the Holy Spirit would set our learning aflame and would enliven it, not that we would be praised by men, but that God alone would be delighted in and glorified by those who hear us. May He be magnified in your life, my beloved son.


One thought on “Owen, Spurgeon, and Dad”

  1. Congratulations, Bryan and Leslie! Owen is absolutely adorable. The picture of you reading with him, Bryan, reminds me so much of Carl when Erik was born–he used to study all the time with him on his lap like that (and with the Boppy pillow!)

    I found your blog linked through Ryan and Joy’s–it’s good to catch up.

    Heather (and Carl) Hetler

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