Postmodern (Anti-)Authority

I read this quote from Mark Driscoll’s book, The Radical Reformission, today and thought I would include it here since it ties rather nicely into my questions 5 and 9 about the Solomon’s Porch video (see below post):

The apex of folly is our culture’s myth that everyone’s opinion is of equal merit. …Theologically, a postmodern church addicted to egalitarianism [the idea that all people are entirely equal in every respect] is also marked by a confusion over gender issues, such as masculinity and femininity, and sexual issues, such as homosexuality and bisexuality, as well as by a peculiar commitment to making sure that everyone’s voice is equally heard and everyone’s input is equally considered, whether or not it is foolish, as if the church were one big internet chat room.

Some churches have gone so far as to replace a preaching monologue from a recognized leader to a spiritual dialogue among a group of peers who refuse to acknowledge any leader in authority over them. This makes about as much sense as shooting your doctor and gathering with the other patients in the lobby to speculate about what is wrong with one another and randomly write out prescriptions for one another in the name of equality” (173).


5 thoughts on “Postmodern (Anti-)Authority”

  1. even though he often over exaggerates to make his point – i really appreciate his over-exaggerations. shoot your doctor. that’s great!

    …not that i would shoot my doctor…i’m just sayin’

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