Big Sky: Day 2

dsc04681.jpgAs I write, I am deeply enjoying the first hints of the sunrise, coming up over the Beartooth range to the east (pictured is the view out of our bedroom window). I am enjoying fellowship with the Father and Son already as I admire his handiwork and praise him silently, sipping coffee and enjoying his word.

I began today with this beautiful and very fitting prayer from The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions, called “The Broken Heart”:

“No day of my life has passed that has not proved me guilty in thy sight.
Prayers have been uttered from a prayerless heart;
Praise has been often praiseless sound;dsc04688.jpg
My best services are filthy rags.

Blessed Jesus, let me find a [shelter] in thy appeasing wounds.
Though my sins rise to heaven, thy merits soar above them;
Though unrighteousness weighs me down to hell, thy righteousness exalts me to thy throne.
All things in me call for my rejection,
All things in thee plead my acceptance.
I appeal from the throne of perfect justice to thy throne of boundless grace.

Grant me to hear thy voice assuring me:
that by thy stripes I am healed,
that thou was bruised for my iniquities,
that thou hast been made sin for medsc04692.jpg
that I might be righteousness in thee,
that my grievous sins, my manifold sins, are all forgiven,
buried in the ocean of thy concealing blood.
I am guilty, but pardoned,
lost, but saved,
wandering, but found,
sinning, but cleaned.

Give me perpetual broken-heartedness,
Keep me always clinging to thy cross,
Flood me every moment with descending grace,
Open to me the springs of divine knowledge,
sparkling like crystal,
flowing clear and unsullied
through my wilderness of life.”

The sunrise is filling the room now and is deeply stirring my affections for my Creator.


5 thoughts on “Big Sky: Day 2”

  1. Pastor Steve mentioned in the service yesterday that there was no Keystone on Monday night, and in the third service he also said that he thought it was because there was a new Caribou opening up somewhere, but he wasn’t sure.

  2. Fantastic series of sunrise pictures. Almost like looking at the eye of God.

    For some reason, I have this thought of PB and Vince sitting at a corner table of the Dew Drop Inn (or whatever) debating thank you note etiquette and the use of drama in church.

    At the end of their time together, they will just settle things the old fashioned way – an all out monkey kick off battle. Winner take all. Loser has to get a tattoo of the winner’s face.

  3. crap! i lost the monkey kick-off battle and now i have bryan’s mug on my butt. he looks better there if i do say so myself.

  4. I like that thought, Steve. In fact, I hereby challenge Vince to a debate over thank you notes and Monkey Kick-off contest. At stake is a tattoo of my (or Vince’s, as it were) face.

    Vince’s mom goes to college.

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