Wright Gets Waxed

If anyone is interested in N.T. Wright and the so-called “New Perspective on Paul,” which (among other things) questions the traditional “Lutheran” understanding of justification, there is an outstanding interview with him and Trevin Wax here. I disagree with Wright at several key points, but enjoyed the interview deeply.

A warning, however: I know there are plenty of people who read this blog who are not at all interested in cutting-edge biblical scholarship, so if you are averse to lengthy biblical and theological discussions, or to British accents, or are frustrated by interviewers who do not enter into dialogue with the person being interviewed, but rather jump from question to question as though they were checking them off a list, be wary of this one.

All said, however, it really is an outstanding bit of audio. Wright is a model of how to answer questions thoughtfully, carefully, gracefully and even-handedly. I thought his remarks about Don Carson, John Piper, and Doug Moo (key opponents of the NPP) were particularly charitable.

(HT: Rob at The Uber Goober)


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