Our Responsibility for Holiness

An excellent quote from The Pursuit of Holiness, by Jerry Bridges:

“We must rely on the Spirit in our putting to death the deeds of the body. As [D. Martyn] Lloyd-Jones observes in his exposition of Romans 8:13, it is the Holy Spirit who ‘differentiates Christianity from morality, from “legalism” and false Puritanism.’ But our reliance on the Spirit is not intended to foster an attitude of ‘I can’t do it,’ but one of ‘I can do it through Him who strengthens me.’ The Christian should never complain of want of ability and power. If we sin, it is because we choose to sin, not because we lack the ability to say no to temptation.

It is time for us Christians to face up to our responsibility for holiness. Too often we say we are ‘defeated’ by this or that sin. No, we are not defeated; we are simply disobedient! It might be good if we stopped using the terms ‘victory’ and ‘defeat’ to describe our progress in holiness. Rather we should use the terms ‘obedience’ and ‘disobedience.’ When I say I am defeated by some sin, I am unconsciously slipping out from under by responsibility. I am saying something outside of me has defeated me. But when I say I am disobedient, that places the responsibility for my sin squarely on me. We may, in fact, be defeated, but the reason we are defeated is because we have chosen to disobey. We have chosen to entertain lustful thoughts, or to harbor resentment, or to shade the truth a little.

We need to brace ourselves up and to realize that we are responsible for our thoughts, attitudes, and actions. We need to reckon on the fact that we died to sin’s reign, that is no longer has any dominion over us, that God has united us with the risen Christ in all His power, and has given us the Holy Spirit to work in us. Only as we accept our responsibility and appropriate God’s provisions will we make any progress in our pursuit of holiness” (80-81).


2 thoughts on “Our Responsibility for Holiness”

  1. Great quote. I read this book for probably the third time last spring. It wasn’t until this last reading that I fully took in that quote. We are so quick to raise our excuses and blame something else for our sin. Bottom line is that we ARE responsible for ourselves.

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