…Signifying Nothing

waltke.jpgFrom An Old Testament Theology, by Bruce Waltke:

“Helmut Thielicke once asked how we make decisions when we go to the theater. He suggested that before going, we ask certain questions. Unless we are ‘hopeless blockheads,’ Thielicke said, we want to know something about what is playing, who wrote it, who the main actors are, and who the director is.

Ironically, most people who go to the trouble of gathering such information for a couple of hours of entertainment do not ask similar questions before stepping out onto the stage of life. ‘But,’ asks Thielicke, ‘does not everything depend upon knowing these things?’

Unless such questions are asked and answered, a person risks embarrassment and bewilderment when the curtain rises. Not knowing the Director’s intention or one’s proper role in life’s play, a person wanders about babbling whatever comes to mind, waiting for the prompting of the moment to dictate what he or she will say or do. And when the curtain falls, such a ‘blockhead’ has the gnawing feeling that it has all been one terrible mistake.

In retrospect, he or she has engaged in some quarrelsome dialogue, lounged on a comfortable sofa in front of the TV, rummaged through boxes and filing cabinets, and played a love scene or two. But all of it would be as a tale told be an idiot, signifying nothing. Worse than that, the ‘actor’ would be under the Director’s wrath for wasting the role” (209-10).


3 thoughts on “…Signifying Nothing”

  1. Many days of late I feel like I’m the person described in the last paragraph… 😦

    Am I really making a difference in the kingdom anywhere? What am I to do? Am I following the Lords calling for me? If not, how many times has he presented it to me and I’ve missed it in my quest to have the world’s most organized filing cabinets?

    *sigh* I think I’m having a quarterlife crisis… 😦

  2. Sorry, Bryan. I must’ve scared everyone off this post with my pathetic-ness. If it makes everyone feel better I’m not feeling quite so hopeless anymore. 🙂 It dawned on me that God’s timing is perfect and I may not be quite ready for whatever “big” plans he has for my future and I’m very OK with that.

    At any rate, I suppose to a point it’s better that I’m concerned about being/becoming spiritually lazy as opposed to arrogantly thinking I’m already doing enough, and in turn no longer feeling the need for growth.

  3. Hi Tiffany,
    What you wrote is not pathetic. It is uncommon, in a good way. What I mean is, you are asking a series of questions that all of us should be asking daily. Not just the couch potatoes. Everyone. It seems pretty clear to me from Scripture that what God sees as pathetic are not those who struggle with inadequacy, but those who are inadequate and do not struggle with it at all. And the church is full of them. I’ve met many of those people, and sometimes, I am that person. I wish more people would wear their struggle on their sleeve.

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