This Hour

“Both Matthew and Mark, in their account of Christ’s arrest, quote his saying, ‘All this has taken place, that the Scriptures of the prophets might be fulfilled’ (Matt. 26:56). Clearly, Christ saw his captivity in terms of God’s sovereign schedule. All of history had moved unerringly and inexorably to this hour. …God has arranged all of the preceding centuries, all of the intervolutions of time, all of the events from Genesis 1:1 up to this moment—has arranged and moulded them, has had them converge in such a way that there would be a place for this hour, the hour in which His Son will be bound… . He allowed neither the forces above nor the forces below to tamper with the clock of history. He directed the battles of Caesars, the conflicts of kings, the migration of peoples, the world wars, the courses of stars and sun and moon, the change of epochs, and the complex movements of all things in the world in such a way that this hour would come and had to come.”

– From The Cross He Bore, by Frederick S. Leahy


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