The Story of Adam

apples.jpgJournal Entry for March 3, 2008

Genesis 3-4; Colossians 1

The story of the garden, it seems to me, is the story of man’s two deepest desires: A desire to live in paradise, in a state of complete peace, comfort, and bliss; and a desire for self-rule and autonomy. Adam and Eve’s choice was a simple one: They could seize power (seemingly) and be expelled from paradise, or they could choose to submit to God and enjoy the utopian benefits.

Adam (literally in the Hebrew: “human”) has become our representative head, and we are complicit with him, both in that he chose exactly what we would have chosen had we been there instead of him and in that every human being since Adam has had to make essentially the same choice: Submit to God and enjoy the benefits of submission, or rebel and dare the consequences.

In a sense, it is not only the choice of our lives, but it is also the choice we make moment by moment: Will I obey and enjoy the fruits of righteousness, or will I disobey and reap the penalties of rebellion? Like Adam, I know the penalties of my sin, and like him my flesh often blinds me to what I know to be good. When I sin, I know it will be distasteful and will be bitter in the end. But I end up believing the empty promises sin makes. Adam and Eve wanted to eat the fruit that looked good and remain in paradise. I want to do what feels good in the moment and remain in intimacy with God.

So, God has set before me a long series of choices today. God, I pray for your grace and wisdom so that I would choose submission to you, knowing that it is the highest, most pleasurable good, rather than choosing sin, knowing that it is only a hollow and fleeting ‘good.’ May I enjoy the peace and joy and life of righteous decisions today.


2 thoughts on “The Story of Adam”

  1. Good stuff. This reminds me of a recent trip to an apple orchard with the in-laws last fall. Its funny but sort of not funny. I’d never been to an apple orchard so you can imagine my excitement to pick apples right off the tree for the first time ever. Much to my dismay, upon arrival there were boundary ropes keeping us from the trees and signs everywhere saying NO PICKING APPLES OFF THE TREE. Whaaa???!!!??! I was aghast. Who are they to tell me on MY trip to the apple orchard that I can’t even pick any apples? I declared (to noone inparticular) that it was not an apple orchard but rather an apple museum, and that they should change their advertising accordingly. After walking around staring at these fantastic looking apple trees for quite awhile I could stand it no longer. In (jestful?) defiance on our way out, I proceeded to yank one sick looking little apple off the tree and throw it to the ground. And it felt fantastic.

    My husband (jestfully??) remarked “you wouldn’t have lasted a day in Eden.” And I know this full well.

  2. Good stuff today B. What a great prayer. That we would know sin is only a fleeting good. I pray that God would burn it in my heart.

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