A Horrifying Truth


Much to my excitement and (anxiety!), The Fusion Community at New Hope Church is now podcasting. Our current series is “Boys and Girls and Gods: Dating, Singleness, Marriage, Sex, and Jesus in a Postmodern World.”


8 thoughts on “A Horrifying Truth”

  1. This is excellent. I didn’t take notes Saturday night, and there was a lot of good stuff in there for me with regards to your comments about teaching Owen. Especially the ‘incorrect’ approaches (i.e. things I won’t use in my responses to Owen)…..

  2. I have always felt weird about my voice being recorded and it being even worse having it spread out on the internet for all to hear… I guess if I am not listening it is okay…

  3. Remember when PB used to blog? Man I miss those days. I suppose he figures that since there is a years worth of preaching on the internet (thanks Al Gore) He feels he can ignore his hearing impaired fans. Oh well. It was a good run. RIP TWOG. RIP

  4. Holy crap! I go a few days without a post and everybody gets their panties in a bunch! My bad! I didn’t realize that you so depended on my thoughts for your spiritual sustenance!

  5. I don’t think Jesse is referring to the most recent space of time between posts, but rather the 2+ months of blogging rareness. In the last 69 days (since the first of February), you have posted 34 times (not bad). However, in January ALONE you posted 35 times. So for those of us who got used to a TWOG fix every day, we’re starting to reach the withdrawal stage.

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