Good Earl! Good Duke! Good Head-Man In Charge!

36 comments and counting?! About quilting?! What is with you people?! You’re all Bryan addicts! I’ve been a little busy preaching sermons and caring for souls and hanging with wife and son and (yes) watching “From the Earth to the Moon” and a riot begins! Well, starting a riot is kind of cool, I guess.

I have some thoughts on the Evangelical Manifesto that was released last week that I need to post about, and my bride and I are going to see Flight of the Conchords tonight at the Orpheum, so I’ll need to say something about that as well, I suppose. Stay tuned. As if NOT staying tuned is an option, you addict you.


28 thoughts on “Good Earl! Good Duke! Good Head-Man In Charge!”

  1. Oh, that’s what you were talking about regarding business time being tonight. I forgot that the show was tonight. AJ and I would be there as well… if we had bought the tickets before they sold out in 9 minutes.

    Lucky punk.

  2. I was a little surprised to see the title of your blog post use our Lord’s name so lightly and disrespectfully.

  3. Technically, is that really His “name?” I may be wrong on this, but isn’t saying “Good Lord!” the same as saying “Good King!” or “Good Earl!”? I’m not being trite, just wondering.

  4. disturbed,

    How can “Lord” be his name if you just used it as an improper noun (i.e. “our” Lord)?

    Are you one of those people who just look for bones to pick?

  5. I really wasn’t intending to pick bones here. But since you asked, the Concise OED defines “name” as “a word or set of words by which someone or something is known, addressed, or referred to.” I didn’t say “personal name.” Nevertheless, the NT commonly refers to Jesus as Lord, which incidentally is tied to God’s personal name in the OT: YHWH. It seems to me that your response misses the spirit of the third commandment. I’m not trying to be holier-than-thou on this, but does the expression “good Lord” use a synonym for God with the proper weight and reverence due him?

  6. I have a bone to pick…


    I’ll never forgive any of you.

  7. although i don’t agree with the anonymity of “disturbed” i would probably have to agree with the idea behind his/her comment…but i have already talked to you about the issue face to face.

    just curious – is “disturbed” your name?
    Good Disturbed!

  8. Hm. Tighty McWhitey preaches on sex on Saturday and then takes his bride to see Bidness Time on Tuesday.

    Coincidence? I think not.



  9. Oh my ..something. My P.S. got tagged right out of existence. On second thought, that’s probably for the better.

  10. As a side note PB, if your bride is more interested in going to a certain someone’s baby shower tonight, I think I know at least one person who is willing to go in her stead… but ONLY if you stop referring to it as “Business time.”

  11. Ugh please STOP – you guys are killing me. If I hear one more thing about FOTC unless it’s “Tiffany you can have one of my tickets” I’ll snap. You have no idea how ruined my day is….I actually cried a little…

    Bryan how could you do this to me???!??! My heart is broken.

  12. Tribe Duds! I love it.

    And now. . ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages. Direct to the Robbinsdale Community Center from the outer edges of the outer edges. TRIBE DUDS! ! ! ! (crowd roars)


    Jesse, that is the worst comment ever on TWOG. what are you? Some sort of TRIBE DUD?

    Is there a chief of the Tribe Duds? If not I would like to throw my hat in the ring for Chief Tribe Dud. I will refuse all salories. I will work as CTD simply for the love of being CTD!

    Can I get an AMEN?

  13. Darius: I think that, in keeping with the whole ‘bride’ and ‘business time’ theme, the anagram “BRIDE STUD” probably makes more sense. 😉

  14. LOL – yeah I think I probably need to be less of a fan. I didn’t realize it had gotten this bad.

    I’d better take an FOTC break to get some perspective. Who wants to borrow my season 1 DVD?

  15. A-HA! It’s all in the EMAIL address! I’m the best detective ever. Too bad I still couldn’t snag a pink one though. I’ll stop wasting all your bandwidth now.

  16. Disturbed said:
    “I really wasn’t intending to pick bones here”

    Then why the post under a bone-picking pseudonym?

    PB is pretty approachable as long as you’re not a NONG/NONL

    Not to make this spontaneous confession hour;
    my biggest exclamation problem is always saying “holy crap”. I’m really trying to stop that. Maybe I should start with stopping typing it.

    Let’s see if I get the elusive pink quilt.


  17. So jealous that you got to see Flight of the Conchords. I don’t know if I mentioned to you that a friend I met in Addis (Amanda from New Zealand) knows those guys. Lucky!

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