Is Freedom Always a Good Thing?

christculture-carson.gifCarson on the potential dangers of unchecked freedom, from an interview with Derek Thomas on Carson’s new book, Christ and Culture Revisited:

“Inevitably, we in the West, not least in America, tend to adopt a host of “givens” that are part of growing up here. Most of us think freedom is a good thing. But is it always a good thing? A friend in Slovakia once told me that only three weeks after the Berlin wall came down, for the first time in his life he saw pornography sold in the street. Was the enhanced freedom an unmitigated “good” thing? I’m not denying it was good in many ways, but some of us have given “freedom” such an iconic value that we fail to see how, in the name of freedom, we may become slaves to sin. Most of us are thankful to God that we live in a democracy. But I have met Christians who live in parts of the world under one form or another of tyranny who are much less daunted by the violent “beast out of the sea” that they face than by the “beast out of the earth,” the danger of deceptive teaching and materialism, that we face in the West: they pray for us that we will escape the tyranny of the seduction of easy, triumphalism, and materialism.”


One thought on “Is Freedom Always a Good Thing?”

  1. I don’t know that removing the possibility of sinning makes us any less sinful. In the beginning, God created a world of freedom. He said everything was good. He only forbid one thing, eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. There are a zillion ways to look at this story, but as I see it, Adam and Eve had the freedom to choose life or death in the fruit that they picked.
    Pornography is a life-crushing addiction. But when a sin is not available, man will find other ways to sin. My question would be, what is freedom worth to you? Is it worth the possiblity of sin and evil? In my understanding of the theology, angels had a one time choice to follow God or Lucifer. And they no longer have a choice. Even if they never do anything but worship God (the greatest way to spend our time), we humans are more triumphant in our meager devotions, because we have a choice.
    Freedom leads to the choice between good and evil. So does that make it evil or good? I believe God created freedom. And everything God created was good.

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