Peter Enns as an Example in Controversy

enns_portrait1.jpgWestminster Theological Seminary’s Peter Enns, who has been at the center of a lot of controversy over his book Inspiration and Incarnation and who has recently been suspended from Westminster Theological Seminary, has announced that he’ll be sharing installments of his 38-page paper about the issues related to the controversy. The first post will be today on Enns’s blog.

I wouldn’t recommend wading into this controversy unless you have the time to wade deeply in (i.e. at least reading his book in its entirety and reading the correspondence between he and Greg Beale in JETS and Themelios), but if you do have the time this one would be well worth wading into.

I sent Dr. Enns this e-mail this morning:

Dear Dr. Enns,

I’ll keep this brief as I’m sure your inbox has been bulging in recent months. When the controversy over I&I arose I immediately purchased the book and read it with fascination in one (long) sitting. I was thrilled with, and very much helped by, the thesis and core of the book, and yet disagreed strongly with some of the implications you draw out of that thesis.

The reason I write, however, has little to do with the book. I wish simply to express my appreciation and admiration over the way you have handled yourself in the midst of controversy and (not always constructive) criticism. You set a fine example for us. Your public conduct is in step with the gospel and will deeply benefit the church and the academy. I offer my thanks and appreciation, and look forward to reading the forthcoming excerpts from your paper.

Bryan McWhite
Ph.D. student in NT at TEDS

PB’s blog:

Bryan C. McWhite
Pastor for Young Adults and Men’s Ministries
New Hope Church efca

“The pleasures of humility are really the most refined, inward, and exquisite delights in the world.” – Jonathan Edwards


9 thoughts on “Peter Enns as an Example in Controversy”

  1. I am proud to say that I introduced Dr. Dr. Peter Enns to the blogging world and perhaps even the internets and the world wide webs on October 13, 2005. See his comment at 3:10 on that date here: … Enns is a huge fan of Sam Boyd …

    and if you know Sam Boyd, then this will make sense … … otherwise it won’t.

    I’ve never met Dr. Dr. Peter Enns, but I look forward to meeting him someday and talking to him about something other than I&I.

  2. I think you’re a day early Burly. But since I probably won’t be on the web tomorrow, Happy birthday PB. Does this one end with a zero (not that there’s anything wrong with that?)

  3. You better believe this one ends in a zero! It’s the big 3-0! Shout it from the roof tops people!

  4. Whoever “PB” is, he shares a birthday with Liam Neeson and the artist formerly known as Prince, who is now once again known as Prince.

    Congrats on 30-dom. 🙂

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