Evangelism When You’re Sore

paul.jpgFrom my journal this morning:

“What strikes me most from today’s reading [which included Acts 14] is the thought that after deep frustration in Antioch of Pisidia and Iconium, Paul preaches the gospel in Lystra. There, the gospel is, again, a huge flop. The people are so blind that they end up worshiping Paul and Barnabas instead of God (I hate when that happens), which no doubt made him frustrated and furious.

To make matters far worse, Jews from Antioch and Iconium travel to Lystra just to oppose Paul and Barnabas, and stone him so badly that everyone assumes that he’s dead. This is where you take a break (!) from ministry or quit altogether and go home. That’s probably what my pastoral counsel would have been to the apostles.

Not Paul.

Before the day is through, he regains his consciousness and goes back into the city (where he was just nearly killed) to preach the gospel. The next day, no doubt incredibly stiff and sore from having been pelted by rocks almost to the point of death, he walks with Barnabas to Derbe to preach the gospel there as well.

Will I imitate Paul as he imitates Christ, or will I only admire him? This is becoming a very key question in my life. Perhaps the defining question of my life.

God, please give me grace, strength, and courage to imitate and not just admire.


One thought on “Evangelism When You’re Sore”

  1. We are travelling through Greece right now, and so far have been in several places where Acts has told us Paul preached. We read Acts 17 on Mars Hill, and stood where Paul was brought to the authorities in old Corinth. This trip has already brought me a deep deep thankfullness for what the apostles did. When you walk through these ruins, you can better understand what a blind and lost people that the apostles preached to. The apostles spoke the truth fearlessly upon the very throne of the Enemy, and often were merecilessly punished for it. Whom am I to hesitate to bring up a conversation about Jesus with a friend or relative? I believe we do not have the gumption for several reasons.
    1.We do not really love our brothers
    2.We are full of pride and fear of man
    3.We have not courage because we do not ask
    4.Our God is not big enough (in our minds)
    God make me full of courage and passion to reach the lost of our age, whether in Jerusalem, Samaria, or the ends of the earth.

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