Paul Tripp’s Potty Mouth

“What Makes Bad Language Bad,” a promo video for Desiring God’s upcoming fall conference: “The Power of Words and the Wonder of God.”  Warning: This promo is rated PG-13.  Many other conference-related videos here.


51 thoughts on “Paul Tripp’s Potty Mouth”

  1. Well I have taken a break from commenting on this blog because the depth of the comments are out of my league and my desire to bring humor to all things is not always best – but shit, I can’t pass up an opportunity to comment on this video.

    good words DR. Tripp!

    *sorry dad.

  2. No, because those two stars could be interpreted to mean something completely different than what you intended – and that not bring grace to the situation.

    If you are going to say it – spell it.

  3. This is the exact concept Steve was trying to portray on Tuesday night when he decided to SPELL the word instead of say it in front of Owen.

    Or…since I am sure Darius will say it soon enough…you should just use words like “idiot!”

  4. Also, I love that Vince is apologizing to his dad (a.k.a. “Randy no blog” ) on my blog. This is a strange world we live in.

  5. No-I think he said that Matisse “B-I-T-C-H-slapped” his mother-in-law. Not that it matters, but I want to make sure the transcripts are correct.

  6. The Best ccoment in a long time award goes to Tiffany. Is Dr.Tripp the Shaq? Well done Tiffany. Two master class points.


    I wanna be the shaq.

  7. I’m flabbergasted, but I feel as though the credit should really go to Vince. He’s much wittier than me, plus it was his comment that spurred mine on. You take the award, Vince. I don’t know what master class points are anyways. 😉

  8. ti**any – i don’t think i will take the award. i have never won an award and i don’t want my first award to be won because i actually typed the word shit. so, as far as the award goes – you can have **it.

  9. oh very well. You can have the cutest kids award how about that? I’ll never forget the video of your little boy taking his first sh** on the toilet. That was the best.

    speaking of awards – *NERD ALERT* – I hold the title of 2002 State and National VICA champion in the graphic design category. I like this new award better.

  10. Ick. I feel awful even having typed “sh**.” You guys are a bad influence.

    *washes keyboard off with soap*

  11. Master Class Points is an obscure reference to the movie Searching for Bobby Fisher.

    And its how I rate McWhites sermons. 100 master class points and I take him out for a Happy Meal.

  12. PB,

    I’ve only gone to fusion for a little over a year. I’ve missed a few weeks and you’ve missed a few weeks. I’m keepin track on a spreadsheet in the back of my bible.


    Yes. All others attempting to dole out Master Class Points or Mstr Clss Pnts for short, are mere forgeries. These people will be apprehended and dealt with in the appropriate manor.

  13. TRJS,

    Now, when you say “manor,” are you referring to the way in which they will be treated (i.e. manner) or they sort of house in which they will be dealt with (i.e. manor)?

    I’d definitely like to be dealt with in an appropriate manor.

  14. Don’t worry Darius. I make Kevin watch that one all the time. It’s next up on our movie marathon list again. 😉

  15. Revocation of Darius’ Man Certification seconded.

    All in favor type ‘aye.’

    All opposed, ‘nay.’

  16. Wow. See what happens when you mess with the pastor? He starts correcting your grammer. Dang it you smart people! !

  17. ‘aye’

    Based on this thread, I would say the appropriate manor to deal with PB would be… Hmm, how can I say this gracefully? …a shithouse.

  18. I was going to write a new post today but this is just too much fun.

    Stevie B.,

    Comment of the Year.


    I admit nothing.

    All others,

    ‘Aye.’ Motion to revoke Darius’s Man Certification carried. Sorry, D. Application for reinstatement may be made after one year.

    Addendum: Reinstatement may be hastened by any end-of-season softball tournament heroics that may or may not be forthcoming.

  19. PB
    That’s OK. I know your secret shame. Its just too bad you can vote against others in that MANOR while not admitting your own (same) weakness.


  20. Tiffany,

    There is absolutely no proof whatsoever that I have ever knowingly watched any movie titled, “The Notebook.”

  21. THE NOTEBOOK?!? That makes Pride & Prejudice look like a Quentin Tarantino flick.

    As for softball heroics, wasn’t my regular season stats good enough for ya? Oh wait, compared to yours, probably not. 🙂

  22. Darius – are you able to compare the Notebook to P&P because you have seen BOTH? That reinstatement period may be pushed back another year.

    And stats does not equal heroics. We didn’t have good stats or enough heroics this year…

  23. Oh my…. The Notebook?

    Tiffany, was Brian observed crying during his viewing of the Notebook? Man Rules do make exceptions for a Man watching a Chick Flick specifically in order to further .. er .. marital relations.

  24. SEE WHAT I MEAN?!? And no I meant Grammer as in Kelsey. Its like pulling a Munson. You know? A stupid thing to do? Poor Grammer?

    Darius your right. Thats what I get for voting to take away your manhood status.


  25. Actually, what you are discussing is neither grammer nor grammar. Grammar is “the study of the way the sentences of a language are constructed.” ( What you are discussing is incorrect spelling.

  26. I must admit I was shocked that nobody pointed out MY spelling error. I can spell with the best of them until it comes to a word with an “ie” or an “ei.” Those ones always get me. Even WITH that dumb pneumonic rhyme. I’m “ie” dyslexic.

    Man Police – I honestly can’t remember for sure, but I think I might recall that Bryan may have admitted some Notebook cryage…but like you said I’m sure it was all in the name of “bidness time” 😉

  27. This is getting boring 😉

    Bryan – you promised you were going to put that last devotional of yours here, you should do that. I didn’t have a pen with me last week and didn’t pursue one when you said you’d be putting it on your blog. So pay up already.

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