20 Books to Read in Your 20s

Justin Buzzard has a good list of “20 Books to Read in Your 20s.”  I’d add a couple and subtract a couple, but this would be a great list to start with if you’re just starting to realize that serious reading of seriously good books is an seriously essential component to serious discipleship.

NB: You can also seriously profit from reading these books if your 20s are long-gone.


4 thoughts on “20 Books to Read in Your 20s”

  1. I would be interested to know what are some of the blogs you subscribe to. As far as religious blogs go, here are some of the ones I read:
    A Little Leaven
    New And Interesting Bibles And Versions
    Bible Design And Binding

  2. Lyle, Look about 3 inches to the right, there is a list of “Sites and Blogs I read”. Presumably this (at one point) reflected Bryan’s web reading.

    Regarding the book list, I must be on the seriously short bus. I have at LEAST 20 to go, unfortunately. I was surprised that there were not any Immunology or Cell Biology textbooks on the list.



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