“Air and Simple Gifts”

I agree with Steve.  This was the best part of the Obama inauguration ceremony.  Absolutely dazzling.  Whatever you think of the new Prez, this was a marvelously powerful moment on a historic day.


10 thoughts on ““Air and Simple Gifts””

  1. Actually, the Inaguration Highlight for me was when Rick Warren got away with saying Jesus like 4 times (in 4 different languages). I’m surprised that he wasn’t shot down by Pelosi-authorized Blackhawk helicopters.

    Oops, Sorry, I forgot this is not a political blog. Um, yes, the music was pleasant.

  2. Thanks for the video. I had the proceedings up on my computer at work, but only listening, and the feed got kind of choppy with so much traffic on the site.

    Watching artists like this perform their craft (and seeing their obvious enjoyment) makes me glad God created things like music.

  3. I may completely shock my husband saying this, but I could honestly listen to this over and over! It is absolutely beautiful!

    So sorry hon…I kinda just wrote this off as your normal “that music was amazing” when most people (me) wouldn’t even understand it.

  4. Darius – I wouldn’t say it was ALL fake. They played the music for the recording. And they were playing live, but probably out of tune and you couldn’t hear it. Gives the media something to report on, I guess.

    It’s not like Bryan having a bad Monday and teaching Keystone by lip synching to a tape he had Vince make for him. Hmm, that might be interesting…

  5. “It’s not like Bryan having a bad Monday and teaching Keystone by lip synching to a tape he had Vince make for him. Hmm, that might be interesting…”

    That would be like a bad (or is it good?) dubbed martial arts movie… or like one of those identity theft commercials.

  6. Stevie B–

    You totally crack me up. That’s hilarious, and how do we know that Bryan hasn’t been lip synching this whole time. He’s always adjusting his microphone but it never seems to change the tone….. I agree, it’s probably a big coverup with Vince.

    Now, if only I could get a costume of me for my childhood basketball hero Kevin McHale to wear. Then Kevin could show up at Thursday night basketball and show you guys what a fading jump shot really looks like!


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