In Memory of Baby Girls

field_of_gold.jpgSome friends of my good friend Jesse recently suffered the loss of their twin infant daughters, which moved him to tears and led him to pen a song entitled “Baby Girls”:

One night, it was late
Your mama came to me
Don’t you think its time
We start this family
We held each other close
Swore eternal love
You were gifts ever treasured
From our Father up above

We planned for the day
You’d come home to stay
We painted shades of pink
Where you would sleep and play
Everything so certain
Nothing left to chance
Who thought that our lives together
Would be less than just a glance

Though you didn’t know me
I loved you more than life itself,
You breathed your tiny breath
Now you cry to someone else
You’re up there in heaven
Sitting on Jesus’ knee,
When I get home to Heaven,
Oh baby girls. . . please remember me

You came and you went
Like a thief in the night
You stole our hearts away
Then slipped out of sight
I know you’re not here with us
And I miss you everyday
I just wanted you to hear me say. . .

Something wasn’t right
And the doctors couldn’t say
I kissed your face and hands
As you slipped away
I cried until it hurt
A piece of me was gone
A picture in my mind
Is all that’s left to linger on.

Sometimes I get angry
And sometimes I just sob
Two hearts taken away
I felt like I’ve been robbed
Don’t ask me why
And don’t ask me how
God has his reasons
I just don’t know them now.

(Posted with permission.)


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