The Gospel Coalition

gc.jpgOutside of my own local church, there is probably no organization or movement that I’m more excited about being a part of than The Gospel Coalition.

I became a member a while back and I would encourage everyone who treasures the biblical gospel and desires to see it stay at the center of the preaching, worship, and ministry of the local church to do the same, and (if budget allows) to get yourself to their conference in April—both pastors and normal people. Leslie and I will be there, along with two other NHC pastors and their wives.  We’d love to see you there, friends.  You would be a deep blessing to your church if you absorbed the conference and then worked like leaven in your congregation with what you learn.

The Gospel Coalition website is an absolute goldmine of useful material—audio, video, and written. Here’s a great video they produced in order to explain what the Gospel Coalition is, followed by a video John Piper just put out on the Desiring God website doing more or less the same thing:


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