Baptism: A Portait of Death and Life

portrait.pngWe’re taking a short break from the “SCREWED-UP SAINTS” series, in case you were wondering what has happened to these posts.

I took two Sundays away to spend time with my new little girl, and last Sunday I took the evening to talk about what baptism is (and what it isn’t) because we are baptizing, as it turns out, 20 young adults this coming Sunday during our outdoor worship gathering at Parker’s Lake.

In this message I mainly tried to define baptism from Colossians 2:9-15 and related texts, and to demonstrate why “circumcision without hands” (v. 11)—the “cutting away of the old life by Christ”—not baptism is the New Covenant equivalent of physical circumcision under the Old Covenant. You can get the podcast here.

Fusion Community Small Groups : Discussion Questions
“A Portrait of Death and Life” : Colossians 2.9-15

Getting to know you: What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

Have someone in the group read Colossians 2.9-15 out loud.

1. What in this message was useful, clarifying, or helpful to you?

2. What is the meaning of baptism? Or, what does it signify according to Colossians 2:9-15. What did PB say about the “portait” it paints?

3. Did you grow up in a tradition where baptism was done for children? Are you convinced that baptism is only for believers? Why or why not? Give specific reasons.

4. When were you baptized? Share the story. If you haven’t been, what’s stopping you from being baptized on Sunday or on August 23rd?

Next Week: Grilled meat, worship, and baptisms at Parker’s Lake!


One thought on “Baptism: A Portait of Death and Life”

  1. Wow! 20 are signed up for the “baptizement” (as Clay calls it). Very cool. I’m looking forward to a wonderful evening of fellowship and praise at the lake on Sunday!

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