The Immense Weight of Glory

tetons.jpg John Calvin on God’s work:

“[God] has been pleased…so to manifest his perfections in the whole structure of the universe, and daily place himself in our view, that we cannot open our eyes without being compelled to behold him.  His essence, indeed, is incomprehensible, utterly transcending all human thought; but on each of his works his glory is engraven in characters so bright, so distinct, and so illustrious, that none, however dull and illiterate, can plead ignorance as their excuse.

…Whenever you turn your eyes, there is no portion of the world, however minute, that does not exhibit at least some sparks of beauty; while it is impossible to contemplate the vast and beautiful fabric as it extends around, without being overwhelmed by the immense weight of glory” (Institutes of the Christian Religion, I.V.1).


3 thoughts on “The Immense Weight of Glory”

  1. This is a great observation about the pervasiveness of God’s beauty.

    Myself, after spending years trying find a formula or concrete proof of God’s existence, I finally had to give up. Then I began to let God show Himself to me, and He did it through beautiful things like simple leaves blowing gently in the wind and massive tree trunks snarled by thunderstorms. At that point, His fingerprint was everywhere and I began to accept His reality.


  2. It is my theory (or worldview) that God is constantly flowing blessings down to us. There are waterfalls of blessings like nature, or music, etc. We can take in these flows of blessing, if we would only take the time to stand under them. All too often we are only a few feet away from these things, and can’t seem to figure out where God’s providence is. If you struggle with “Is God real?”, “Does God love me?”, take a walk in His beautiful creation and the answer will be obvious.

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