Prayers of an Excellent Wife

picture-1.pngFor those who were excited about Andrew Case’s book of prayers for wives, he has just come out with another one full of prayers for husbands.

It would seem oddly self-serving to buy this one for Leslie for Christmas.  But I might anyway. (Don’t tell her.  I don’t think she reads my blog.)

But all the married ladies should buy this and give your husband the gift of prayer!

(HT: JT, DT)


5 thoughts on “Prayers of an Excellent Wife”

  1. I do TO read your blog! I just leave it up to Darius to post all the comments. And, if you remember, I asked you a while back if there was a book for wives of prayers for husbands. Dang, I should have published it before Case!

  2. Yeah, we both kind of dropped the ball on that, didn’t we? We could have been kazillionaires! Plus… you know… it would have helped spouses pray for each other better …and stuff.

  3. “I just leave it up to Darius to post all the comments.”

    Hey! I resent the implication that I … oh, nevermind. Speaking of which, I have a comment for Bryan’s most recent post I gotta go make… see ya over there.

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