Fourteen Easy Steps to an Awesome Christmas Eve

tree.jpg1. Sleep late. Deal with (very) sore muscles from playing too much Wii at Grandpa and Grandma McWhite’s house.  √

2. Extended devotional time. √

3. Shovel 5-8″ of snow with Owen’s help. √

4. Eat a big lunch. √

5. Crash on the couch for a nap. √

6. Bundle back up and go out with Owen to build his first snowman (whom he named “Randy”) and build a huge snow fort. √

7. Come in, warm up and hang with Mommy and Ruthie. √

8. Go to church. Be bummed about church being canceled. √

9. Cure bummed-ness with Papa John’s and Leslie making her insanely good homemade chocolate chip cookies. √

10. Family devotions (Christmas Eve edition) and put kids to bed. √

11. Wish you all a very Merry Christmas! √

11. Unplug from internet, Facebook and Twitter entirely until Saturday morning. √

12. Watch A Christmas Story with Leslie, eat insanely good homemade chocolate chip cookies with milk, and wrap presents from Santa (he never wraps his own.  Just lazy).

13. Plan Christmas morning family devotions.

14. Get to bed early with my best friend.


One thought on “Fourteen Easy Steps to an Awesome Christmas Eve”

  1. PB,
    When you talk about home life, you often mention family devotions or family worship. Can you explain what you do exactly? So far, I’ve gleaned that you sing a hymn, recite a verse, read scripture, pray. Is there a specific form or plan you follow? I would like to implement family devotions in our home this coming year and any advice or resources you have would be greatly appreciated, bro. Thanks.

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