Doug Pagitt on Mean People

doug.jpgAnybody else want to weigh in on this blog post and conversation?

A favor to ask: If you weigh in (particularly if you associate yourself with me), please be charitable.  If you’re one of my good friends who nevertheless is kind of a standard neo-reformed, complementarian, substitutionary atonement-focused, evangelical jerk, I’d urge you to stay away.

Full-disclosure: I’m all of the above things. Except (I hope) the “jerk” part.


8 thoughts on “Doug Pagitt on Mean People”

  1. I think you’re wasting your breath, PB. He keeps talking past you like he’s on autopilot.

    Commenter: Valid question.

    DP: Don’t be such a fundy. Oh, and buy my book.

    Repeat ad nauseam.

  2. I think you’ve been very gracious in your questions and comments.

    He seems to be responding to you as someone who has been questioned and “accused” a lot. And, while it definitely isn’t cool that he has been treated disrespectfully in the past by some Christians, you wonder if he takes to heart why people question him so often…perhaps in reality some of his arguments should be challenged? I think that is what you are attempting to do in a loving yet firm way. Projecting former criticism that he has received onto you isn’t a nice thing to do…speaking of manners. 😉

  3. I have to take issue with one of your comments to Doug. Regardless of the fact that he is a nationally known voice, he didn’t create the acronym NONG and bring that issue to prominence did he? Happy New Year!

  4. I just watched Doug’s promo video for Solomon’s Porch. It’s really hard to agree with what these people are saying.

    Then I looked down and noticed I was wearing the exact same Nike hoodie as Doug. What does this mean? AM I EMERGENT?

  5. Just for your info;

    Doug and I had a conversation, so I thought he and I were past all of that name calling stuff.

    I believe that he is wrong A LOT. I believe his error can be very damaging, because it is contrary to what the Bible teaches. I am truly fearful for those listening and following his teachings. As a pastor, I have that concern.

    I do not believe that calling a teaching heresy is a personal attack. Doug sees it differently.

    I am sorry that you are associated with me. Doug has done that to me also, associating me with others. I would think that, as brothers in Christ, we could be friends.

  6. Pastorboy, it’s probably a stretch to call DP your “brother in Christ.” He’s devoted his life to undermining the unity of the Body… not something a brother would do.

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