The Spoils of Victory

runion.jpgMatt Runion, the winner of the First Annual (?) Bryan’s Big Book Giveaway, sent this photo in thanks.

Note the (only) photo on his desk. I’m sure it’s always there. I know it.  I just know it.

*Not pictured: The Jesus Storybook Bible (at home) and Born to Run (lent to his mom).


5 thoughts on “The Spoils of Victory”

  1. Pretty smug grin if you ask me. As if to say “Take that Mr. Invite 355 people and not win a thing. I’m gonna use the pages of these books to light my $100 dollar bills to light my Cuban Cigars.”

    (joking of course. Congrats Matt)

  2. You know what’s worse Jesse? You can’t re-use those same 355 next year… guess you’ll have to get new Facebook friends.

    I wonder if Obama is on Facebook…

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