Driscoll on Cain’s Wife

Driscoll never ceases to amaze me.

I’m going to be distributing and using parts of Mark Driscoll’s booklet on Genesis for the course I’m teaching for the Keystone Men’s Biblical and Theological Seminars at NHC beginning next Monday night.  Here is my favorite paragraph in the booklet so far (tongue firmly planted in cheek):

Who did Cain marry?
Adam and Eve were the first people in human history and their son Cain married somebody but nobody is certain who she was or where she came from.  Some have postulated that maybe God made her as He did Eve.  But, the Bible simple does not say this and if this were true then she would have been a sinless woman not descended from Adam and therefore she would have never died and be alive and well today to tell us exactly what happened.  So, it seems most probably that Cain simply married his sister, which would make them a sort of type for hillbilly rednecks.



One thought on “Driscoll on Cain’s Wife”

  1. What part (tongue in cheek) amazed you? That a respected, responsible, Evangelical pastor would blurt out and call someone a Hillbilly? (A Bible character at that, but I digress).

    Anyway, as far as Cain marrying his (unnamed) sister, it would have been biologically safe because their genomes were still ‘almost’ perfect. Siblings marrying today are of course at risk for the penetrance of recessive genetic diseases. Presumably this is because the earth lost its protective vapor cover after the flood. Ever since then, we’ve been undergoing a huge experiment in UV-induced genetic degradation in the form of microevolution.

    If you believe in vapor canopies, floods, and microevolution. Or is that the part that amazed you? 🙂

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