Haiti Earthquake Rundown

haiti.jpgPray and fast for the people of Haiti.

This is a tragedy of massive proportions. One commentator called it “a thousand 9/11s in one day.”

The Fusion Community Leadership Council will be meeting tonight to consider what small part we might play in helping and serving.  If you have suggestions, please email me or Paul Schoolmeesters.

Here are some things that are important to be aware of:

† A heartbreaking photo tour and summary of the disaster.

† Charles Krauthammer on the impossibility of rebuilding Haiti (“a thousand 9/11s in one day”).

† Pat Robertson’s epically moronic comments about the disaster.

† John Mark Reynolds’s excellent commentary on Pat Robertson’s remarks.

† Most importantly: Lauren’s compilation of ways to help and give, as well as Desiring God’s, Sovereign Grace’s and the EFCA’s.


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