The Cross and Culture

culture.png The audio of this week’s message from the Fusion Community worship gathering, “The Cross and Culture” (1 Corinthians 9:19-23) is now online.

The main idea: “The gospel is transcultural. It creates transcultural people. And only in the hands of transcultural people can the transcultural gospel be delivered transculturally. What this means for us as a church is that we must refuse to make idols out of custom, tradition and “the way we’ve always done things,” but rather we must subordinate everything to the advance of the gospel. A healthy church recognizes that there is a difference between the closed hand (things that are biblically non-negotiable) and the open hand (everything else). If we are to remain effective at reaching the lost in our culture, we must be willing to free ourselves from the trappings of the Christian cultural “bubble” and engage with people who are outside the bubble, in our neighborhoods and workplaces.”

Here are the small-group discussion/personal application questions:

Conversation starter: What did you enjoy most about this weekend (whether you were on the retreat or not)?

Ask someone in the group read 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 out loud.

1. What was helpful, challenging, eye-opening, or joy-giving to you in this message?  What did you learn?  Was there anything you disagreed with?

2. PB said, “Only in the hands of a transcultural person can the transcultural gospel be delivered transculturally.”  What is a transcultural person?  How do you think someone becomes one?

3. PB said that a healthy church is one that knows the difference between the “open hand” and the “closed hand,” and knows what belongs in each.  What are the open and closed hands and, in your opinion, what belongs in each?  Is custom a good or bad thing?

4. How can you do more to connect with non-Christians in your social networks?  Are there ways that we as a community can better connect with our culture and with non-Christians?  If your group generates good ideas, please e-mail PB and Paul with them!

For next week: “Missional Superbowl Watching” (FUSION WORSHIP at 3:00pm!!!). Also, next week is the last Sunday to invest in “10,000 and 10,000 for Haiti!”


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