John Piper vs. N.T. Wright Brouhaha

I just got my letter from ETS about this year’s annual meeting in Atlanta (Nov. 17-19).  And, daaaaaaang.  This will rewl:

“The theme for the annual meeting this year is ‘Justification by Faith.’ The plenary speakers will be Pastor John Piper (Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneappolis), the Rt Revd N. T. Wright (Bishop of Durham), and Dr. Frank Thielman (Presbyterian Professor of Divinity, Beeson Divinity School). In addition to our usual plenary sessions, this year’s meeting features a two-hour panel discussion with the presenters on Friday morning.”

I’d say Pipes and Wright are two of my top five favorite theologians/writers and they clash big time on the issue of justification.  Should be a blast to see them interact face to face—which hasn’t happened yet.  As far as I know they’ve never even met yet.


5 thoughts on “John Piper vs. N.T. Wright Brouhaha”

  1. Dude, I totally agree. I got that letter and thought, “Well, no one’s going to accuse ETS of stepping around the issues.” So does this mean you’re going? Need a roommate?

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