I, like, love this clip so much.

Leslie and I have, like, resolved to stop saying “like…” so much in an effort to be, like, counter-cultural within, like, “the most aggressively inarticulate generation since, you know, a long time ago.” Smack me in the head if you, like, hear me do it. I’m almost, like, 32.  I shouldn’t be, like, speaking as though I’m, like, a 16 year-old valley girl anymore. You know?


10 thoughts on “STOP SAYING “LIKE” AND “JUST” AND “YOU KNOW?””

  1. Recent homework gathering:

    Me: What is the answer?

    Son: 54? (implied question)

    Me: No. You know the answer. Say it boldly, “The answer is 54.”

    Son: The answer is 54.

    He is 8 years old.

  2. Dang it. I say “just” and “you know” all the time! I try not to say “like” only because my mom used to harp on me so much when I did, but I am sure I do and just don’t realize it. Now I’m going to be all self-conscience and crap around you guys. I probably just won’t ever talk to you again.

    1. KG,

      You don’t need “just” in either of those sentences. It would have sufficed to say, “I am sure I do and don’t realize it,” and “I probably won’t ever talk to you again.”

      I thought you would want to know.

  3. PLEASE DON’T FORGET, “I know, right?” Do you know it or don’t you? Do you need me to reassure you that you know what you know? It makes me CRAZY! ! ! Oh, and another is “really?” (dramatic pause) then another “REALLY?” I get from your tone of voice that you are perplexed. You don’t need to repeat the word REALLY to get your point across. RIGHT?

    1. There is a different between “I know, right?” and “I know, RIGHT!”.

      The latter is me which may or may not be followed by the exploding fist bump because I am dorky like that.

  4. Nearly everyone at my work ends their sentences with the upward inflection of a questioning tone. “I’m going to patch the server tonight at 10:00 PM^.” Not a question, but sounds like one. I am trying to resist conformity. Is anyone certain of anything anymore? Now that was a question. I hear myself do this in Spanish when I don’t know the correct word to use.

  5. I have a co-worker who has 5 sentences going at once. None of them has a beginning or an end. They are all peppered with “like, you know,” and “I mean.” She is impossible to understand. She thinks she is always right because no one can dispute the unintelligible. I refuse to talk with her.

    She’s good for a laugh though.

  6. Very good there Lyle. I must be getting old. When I hear the excessive use of “like”, “you know”, etc., particularly by our young people, it annoys me to no end. It is as annoying as fingernails on a chalk board.

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