Spurgeon on Preaching Unpopular Doctrine

“In conversation, a week or two ago, with an eminent professor, he said to me, ‘Sir, we know that we we ought not to preach the doctrine of election, because it is not calculated to convert sinners.’ ‘But,’ said I to him, ‘who is the man that dares to find fault with the truth of God? You admit, with me, that it is a truth, and yet you say it must not be preached. I dare not have said that thing.  I should reckon it supreme arrogance to have ventured to say that a doctrine ought not to be preached when the all-wise God has seen fit to reveal it.  …Is it for me to judge God’s truth?  Am I to put his words in the scale, and say, ‘This is good, and that is evil.?’ Am I to take God’s bible, and sever it and say, ‘This is husk, and this is wheat?’ Am I to cast away any one truth, and say, ‘I dare not preach it?’ No: God forbid.  Whatsoever is written in God’s Word is written for our instruction: and the whole of it is profitable, either for reproof, or for consolation, or for edification in righteousness.  No truth of God’s Word ought to be withheld, but every portion of it preached in its own proper order.”

Preach the Gospel”
August 5, 1855


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