Doug Pagitt’s Last Two Blog Posts

pagitt_doug.jpgDoug Pagitt is a subject of discussion on this blog here and there.

I’m not sure why I comment on him so much. Probably because he really frustrates me. But for some reason I still really like him. And he’s local.  Maybe I’m just jealous because I wish I had his creative mind and this is my way to exercise my angst.

At any rate, I want to make sure I highlight the fact that his last two blog posts have been remarkably humble, wise and mature. Is that arrogant of me to say? I hope not. It wasn’t intended to be.  This is a sincere compliment.

In the first post he reflects on the emerging church movement (though he prefers not to use that nomenclature) 10-15 years down the road from its, well, emergence.

In the second post he comments on John Piper’s leave of absence to attend to personal matters.

Props, Doug.


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