A Preacher’s Highest Compliment

Twice today I received one of the highest compliments a preacher can receive.

Once from my wife after I preached my grandmother’s funeral sermon, and once from the father of the bride after I preached a wedding sermon: “No one who listened to what you just said could come away without a clear understanding of the gospel.”

Thank you Lord, for boldness. And thank you, above all, for a gospel to proclaim.


3 thoughts on “A Preacher’s Highest Compliment”

  1. When I asked my dad what his favorite part of ministry was, he said it was doing funerals. He said others might think that’s morbid, but he felt they are truly a celebration full of hope. Thanks for sharing your message for your Grandma.

  2. PB,
    That truly is a great compliment and how wonderful coming from your wife especially. It kinda gave me chill bumps when you mentioned it the other night at Keystone.
    I know you were definitely being prayed over for both events Saturday. Thank you for sharing the comments you received with us.
    Your preparation,dedication and obvious love for the Gospel is so appreciated Bryan! I pray you are renewed with a Monday night break for the summer and I pray that I will be able to join you again in September!
    Thanks for your teaching and caring! – Tony

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