Help My Unbelief

Daily Scripture readings for September, set #25:

Ruth 4
Psalm 94
Mark 9:14-32
1 Corinthians 16

Now, I mentioned in my comments on the previous reading in Ruth that Boaz was showing himself to be a very honest and respectable individual. And then, in today’s reading, he seems to tell a half-truth in convincing Naomi’s redeemer to allow him to take Ruth for himself. “Then he said to the redeemer, “Naomi, who has come back from the country of Moab, is selling the parcel of land that belonged to our relative Elimelech” (Ruth 4:3). Is it just me or has there been NO MENTION of land up to this point, and has it not been made clear that Ruth is what Boaz wants, not land?

The Psalmist, in chapter 94, calls out to those who would suggest that the Lord doesn’t hear/see their evil deeds. Verse 9: “He who planted the ear, does he not hear? He who formed the eye, does he not see?” The logic is that if God made it, of course he himself can do it. This logic is then applied to both discipline of the nations and the existence of knowledge.

The cry of the demon-possessed boy’s father in Mark 9 is a common prayer for me: “I believe, help my unbelief!” (vs 24). This is not a prayer of laziness in not wanting to deal with one’s own weaknesses, but rather an acknowledgement that only God’s power can overcome barriers in our lives.

As Paul closes his 1st letter to the Corinthians, he mentions that he plans on staying in Ephesus for a while longer before coming to visit Corinth, stating that “a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries” (vs 8). Note that the present of adversaries doesn’t cause Paul to reconsider the opportunity for effectiveness.



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